This is my personal collection of some older and classic Airband receivers and scanners, 
I'm sure many of you viewing this page will remember them and probably started out like
 I did with one of them.  Most of them still work, well did, the last time I tried !

For information, the rather "tired" looking WIN108, is a pre-production sample 
I obtained more years ago than I care to remember. This was prior to it being 
imported by a UK distributor.

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memlane_sharp.jpg (78587 bytes)

memlane_r517.jpg (98142 bytes)

memlane_r537.jpg (29552 bytes)

Sharp Airband

Signal R517

Signal R537S

memlane_lafayette.jpg (98951 bytes)

memlane_regency.jpg (61529 bytes)

memlane_sony.jpg (40194 bytes)

Lafayette (valve set)

Regency Flight Scan

Sony TR8640

memlane_dr100.jpg (61932 bytes)

memlane_tr828.jpg (81525 bytes)

memlane_parkair.jpg (65429 bytes)

Swinburne DR100

Sharleen TR8228

Parkair Monitor

memlane_win108.jpg (71415 bytes)

memlane_air7.jpg (44589 bytes)

memlane_r532.jpg (49287 bytes)

Signal R532

memlane_r535.jpg (46790 bytes)


Sony AIR7

Signal R535