Virtual Radar System and Accessories
ACARS Decoder
As well as hearing ATC with your scanner, you can now see  "action" on your PC
with an AirNav RadarBox.and / or ACARS Decoder Click on link for details.

Virtual Radar Demonstrations by appointment, please call 07876 561041 for details.

AirNav RadarBox 
Pro & 3D

ACARS Decoder

airnav_anad.jpg (26304 bytes)


HBA-1090 External Aerial
And Cable Assemblies



COA-1090 Clip-On aerial


Watson Radar Extender

High Gain External Aerial

viradac_radar-com2.jpg (33682 bytes)

Watson RadarCom 

Virtual Radar Aerial System

JiM M75 Pre-Amp

"Set back" Signal Booster
for original SBS-1

JiM75SMA Pre-Amp

"Set back" Signal Booster with SMA adaptors 
for use with Magnetic Aerial supplied with 
AirNav RadarBox &  Kinetic SBS-1e

viradac_m75pl_small.jpg (13621 bytes)

JiM M75PL Pre-Amp

"Set back" Signal Booster with leads for
use with External Aerial conneted 
to AirNav RadarBox &  Kinetic SBS-1e

viradac_elad.jpg (73667 bytes)
ELAD A12-1090 Mast Head Pre-Amp

Purpose designed hi-gain signal booster for 
Virtual Radar systems


           RadarBox Aerial Extension Leads

Also suitable for SBS-1e Pocket Radar System

viradac_radarbeam.JPG (75495 bytes)

Directional Base Station Antenna

For V.R. users wanting maximum signal strength
from local airport.

Diamond SP-3000P Static Protector

Recommended if using external aerial

Copper Plated Earth Rod

For use in conjunction with SP-3000P

viradac_radaramp_kit.JPG (38629 bytes)
Watson Radar-Amp Kit

Professional Low Noise Pre-Amplifier  for 
Virtual Radar systems

MARB Magnetic Mount Aerial

For AirNav RadarBox & Kinetic SBS-1e

MASBS Magnetic Mount Aerial

For original Kinetic SBS-1

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